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Gemini May 21 — June 20 Not since has fortune beamed on you with such brilliance. Lucky moneybags Jupiter is starting to move across the top of your chart, calling attention to your career and public reputation. Expect a promotion in your job, public recognition for your work or any other favourable situation where you need the endorsement of others.

Some of you might switch to jobs that are more travel-oriented or related to publishing, the media, medicine or the law. Many of you will enjoy more work-related travel. Your daily tempo is faster and more active.

Your desires to expand your world through travel and gain more experience and knowledge will come true! This year is also a consciousness-expanding year for you. Lofty discussions about philosophy, politics and religion, as well as explorations into self-help concepts or groups, will inspire and edify you. Obviously, you see the justification. Romance with someone from another culture or a different country can blossom.

Daily horoscope: April 3

Be still, my beating heart! Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio on the next page …. Leo July 23 — Aug. Some of you will inherit; others will get money back from the government or from insurance payouts. Many of you will benefit because your partners will earn more. The big news is all about Mars and your sign. Mars rules your muscles, aggression and sex drive.

Once every two years, it stays in your sign for seven weeks. This year, Mars is staying until June—half the year! This totally amps your energy, ambition and sexual desires. Once those taps open and you begin to luxuriate in all these extra treasures, you feel turned on! Top tweets sarahksilverman All work and no play? Follow funny girl Sarah Silverman. Virgo Aug. Your chance for success is now much improved!

This success will be worldly in terms of money, reputation or all of the above. Because things are going so well, this is really a good time to push the boundaries and encourage growth in many areas. You will acquire money, prestige and possessions—things that make you feel affluent or richer.

Your daily horoscope: January 29

You will also enjoy enriched relationships with partners and close friends. Our moon sign shows how we feed ourselves — literally and emotionally! People born when the Moon was in Taurus cherish comfort — the tangible, material aspects as well as a solid sense of stability and security. Those with the moon in Taurus easily attract the finer things in life and have a well developed sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

They tend to be patient, persevering and constant, preferring circumstances that are somewhat predictable, familiar or well established than high risk. We decorate according to a number of factors, including our rising sign, yet as the moon governs home it can reveal a lot about how we make ourselves feel at home through our personal style. Ben non. Mais quelle question Garance… je suis scorpion!

LOL Et ce pour ca que j aime autant te lire :. They are my favorite people in the world!

Both signs are grounded and have to have the power. I guess we like to take charge! Merci pour ce dessin Garance! My birthday is May 20th and since I was born at pm, I am truly on the cusp of Gemini. I read both horoscopes and decide which one i prefer! All those prettyish magazine horoscope illustrations you were mentioning! They ALL make the Taurus a cow-girl. A horned cow-girl. Ok, now you HAVE to watch this!! Literally every one of my friends has been captured almost to a tee!! Please watch her and report back.

It completely cracked me up! See if you think that she captures you! My man is Scorpio too! I think Virgos have this gift as well! And boy do they have sex appeal! I am a total astrology believer…not a day-to-day horoscope reader, but I do believe that you can judge people by what sign they are. That means it must be true….

Je suis poisson ascendant poisson. Donc, une vraie poisson!

17 June 1988 Horoscope

They can cut straight thru to the depths of my soul without asking. Je te conseille de lire les horoscopes du Fuide. Je suis Lion! Yes I annoy the hell outta him but we just fit, like regular ying yangs. It freaks people out ;. Coucou Garance! Moi 25 avril , lui 20 novembre…. Maybe we just underestimate staaaaaars? Am a Pisces, one of the most typical. Sentimental, romantic, out-of-space-and-time and oh so giving. But sometimes I do. All this while I thought Scott is a Capricorn.

Elle Horoscope Taurus | Daily Horoscopes | Elle UK

Okay, sorry, but do blame wikipedia page for posting wrong date of birth. But seriously, I am believer in astrology. I am an Asian and for soooooo many years when I read astrology about my sign, Libra, I thought… urgh… what is this crap? I was more a Virgo my moon sign. The day that I actually firstly felt like I am a Libran was the day I stepped my feet to England and totally set myself free of any society, culture pressure. It was because, in different environment, different aspect, element of stars would be enhanced further for the person to get on well with their surroundings.

Let me tell you an example :p this is only my observation.

When I see fashion about a year ago, it was all very earthy… You know. Like the colour give you that subtle-ness and dark brown colours and so many layers, very detail-oriented, laces and pastel colours and so on… It was all very sublime and feminine. That is very much like a Virgo style. And then this year, all of a sudden, Valentino for example, went for nude colours, very nude make-ups, natural style with just jeans and so on. Then a lot of white. And the heels. Seriously, I was shopping online and I just find so many beautiful things, I want to buy them all.

When less is more!!! Then… Scorpio style will be a lot of dark colours involving. Like black from top to toe, or dark purple, dark navy, dark blue… those sorts of colours that reflect deep oceans…. On a side note, Taurus loves loose clothes. Sooo… hell yeah!!! Pas pour y croire.

And Taurus and Capricorn go very well together! But maybe the info on Wiki is not right. And if Scott is a Scorpio, olalaaaa! Mes meilleurs amis sont Taureau et Scorpion je suis Capricorne. Picasso was a scorp, joni Mitchell, jean shrimpton, lots of cool dudes are scorps….