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Sagittarius is intellectual, philosophical, large-hearted, honest, and also positive and adventurous.

These people are also enthusiastic and ambitious. They are also quite pure at heart, free, frank and outspoken, but in the process may remain tactless and rub others on the wrong side, often unintentionally.

Sagittarius Lucky Days, Lucky Hours and Moon Phases

However, they are artistic by nature, with persuasive writing and speaking skills. They may lose their temper quickly but can forget and regain their composure, perhaps even more rapidly.

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Sagittarius is thus a sign known for its nobility of character, quiet strength and an enthusiasm that is contagious. Here, let us get to know something about the lucky color, number, and precious stone that may work to the advantage of the Sagittarius people.

For the people born in the Sagittarius-sign, the colors like white, light blue, cream, and orange are considered favorable. It is believed that using these colors in whatever way possible, can ensure growth, advancement and good fortune. Hence these people can wear clothes in these colors; also have their houses, offices, vehicles, etc.

Daily horoscope

The numbers 6, 5, 3 and 8 are considered lucky for the Sagittarius people. The double-digit numbers which sum up to these are also regarded as equally favorable for them. People concerned can make a note of these numbers and make it a point to perform essential tasks, start new endeavors and launch new projects on these dates. It is said that these numbers have the power to influence their thoughts, remove indecisiveness, and provide the required clarity, so they can achieve whatever they want to.

Yellow is the color of their ruling planetary lord Jupiter, and wearing stones made of the same color is believed to be lucky for the Sagittarius -born.

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Hence, precious stones like Sapphire and Turquoise can work to their advantage. People can wear these stones as rings or necklaces or as any other jewelry.

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    Sagittarius Daily Horoscope, Sagittarius Today, Sagittarius Tomorrow

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