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Lyrics to 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' by Judy Garland: Someday i'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me where troubles melt. Frances M Whouley. We provide web based courses on vedic astrology, palmistry, numerology. The starting point in palmistry is observing the shape of the palm.

Please note, that it has to be observed always with the palm upwards and never from the top, otherwise you can get quite an erroneous reading.

Astrology and Palm Reading Are Entwined, How? - Astral Coach Blog

Basically the palm of each person can be either square or oblong. Sometimes, the shape of the palm can be determined by the first impression that you have by looking at it, but otherwise the necessary measurements have to be taken. If you are not sure, then you have to determine the length and the width of the hand and to compare these two measurements. To assess the length of the palm, take a reading from the base of the middle or the third finger also known as the finger of Saturn to the bottom edge of the palm.

Then, to evaluate its width, take a reading horizontally about halfway up, at approximately the point where the thumb shoots off from the palm itself. Now compare these two measurements.

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If they are approximately the same then you are dealing with a square palm. Now take a look at the fingers.

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Are they long or short? Compare these two measurements. If the finger-length reaches generously into the bottom half of the palm, then the hand is long-fingered. If the finger-length reaches the halfway mark on the palm, or only scantily over it, then the hand is short-fingered. When you take the measurements it is important to work with the proportions and not in absolute values. The length of the palm or the fingers in centimeters has absolutely no meaning at all, because different people are made from different genetic material, they belong to different races etc.

Also, male hands are generally larger than female ones; therefore the size here does not matter. What is important, though, is the proportion between the length of the fingers, compared to the length of the palm of the same hand. The same rule applies for the proportion of the length and the width of the same palm.

For this reason I am giving here the guidelines in determining the shape of the palm in percentages and not in centimeters. After you complete your measurements you will have two results: the hand in question can be either square or oblong and its fingers can be either short or long. This gives us four possible combinations, which relate to the four elements used in astrology — earth, air, fire and water. A square palm with short fingers — the Earth hand A square palm with long fingers — the Air hand An oblong palm with short fingers — the Fire hand An oblong palm with long fingers — the Water hand.

In the second part of this article we will go in depth about the interpretations of these four possible cases, but for now we will mention only that the Earth element is associated with practicality, the Air element — with intellectuality, the Fire element — with enthusiasm and the Water element — with emotions. Also, in the second part of this article we will reveal which elements are compatible with which.

In this way you may be able to explain to yourself some basic spiritual laws that even manifest quite obviously even in the material plane — for example why fire need air in order to sustain itself, but it is put off by water? You will find the answers to this and to many other questions in the second part of this article.

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In the first part of this article we learned how to measure the length of the palm and the fingers in proportion to each other. We learned that after you complete your measurements you will have two results: the hand in question can be either square or oblong and its fingers can be either short or long.

Palmistry in Vedic Astrology

The general interpretations are:. A square palm with short fingers is an Earth hand and it relates to practicality and down to earth attitude. A square palm with long fingers is an Air hand and it denotes intellectual person with a strong mind. An oblong palm with short fingers is a Fire hand and it indicates a person with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. An oblong palm with long fingers is a Water hand and signifies a very emotional, intuitive and sensitive person. Now, once you have determined the most prominent element that determines the basic shape of your hand, you can make the relevant key interpretations.

The astrological signs that belong to the earth element are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The key words for this element are stability and practicality. People possessing such hands are the Doers, as opposed to the Thinkers air , Actors fire or Dreamers water.

This type of hand is typical for those who are often found in the ranks of unskilled or unqualified labour, but this also is the hand that shapes things and produces material objects with a great degree of dexterity. Which of these cases will apply to the subject depends greatly on the other factors that make up his or her personality. In either case, the earth hand type people may be good at producing material things and objects, but are not really good at designing or inventing the shape or the purpose of the objects themselves.

Their strength lies in the manual dexterity, in the patience with which they handle the material and also in their liking for rhythmic work, which sometimes may require also a great physical energy and stamina. Often builders, constructors or technical workers possess earth type hands. On all levels, the Earth hands inevitably connect closely to the basic physical sides of life, such as strong sexual drive; liking for good food and wine; plain, but practical comfort of the everyday life. These people enjoy the simple pleasures in life always in a direct way. The earth type may be a builder in the literal sense or figuratively speaking.

If not building a house, he or she may be building a career, a fortune, a relationship — no matter what the structure, the methods do not vary. It is a steady, careful process, with slow but stable achievement, whatever its final goal. The second best combination is the water type person.

Similar to the actual elements in real life, the water can penetrate the earth and fit in the gaps, blending in this way nicely with the facets of its temperament. The solid and possessive Earth does not blend well with the freedom-loving Air and Fire categories, so unless the earth type takes this into consideration and accounts for it, eventually the arising conflicts lead to a total incompatibility.

The astrological signs that belong to the air element are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The key word for this element is intellectuality.

Some theories assert that the Air type is in fact an evolved Earth type, because its qualities are often an alteration or refinement of the Earth-type qualities. And indeed, the liking of progression and order, typical for the Air type is very similar to the liking of building and rhythm, typical for the Earth type. However, in many other respects the Air and Earth are miles away. For example, the constant intellectualizing of the Air sign is awfully foreign to the Earth. However, what the Earth type cannot understand is that without applying the power of thought to every aspect of our lives and without constantly coming up to new ideas and concepts, not even one single object would have been produced in this world.

Discover the connection between two disciplines

The air type is not characterized with patience. It thinks, and thinks rapidly and aims to solve any world problem through the mental power that it possesses. Thus, fools will suffer gladly in the presence of a highly intellectual air sign. These people are very agile, with an emphasized striving for freedom.

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Similarly to the physical element of air, which realm of existence is high above the surface of the earth, where the other elements usually cannot reach it, the air type people fly high in their mental aspirations and pursuits and want to feel free from the restricting force of gravity that keeps all the other elements down to the Earth. Air type people are famous for solving a problem by literally walking away from it. The problem as such will remain, but not for the Air type person. Having escaped to freedom by walking away, he or she dismisses it as non-existent. Air type people can also be far too quick-moving and rapid in their ways, and never settle down to anything properly.

They must be aware that if they do not develop a more in-depth attitude to one or two spheres of interest, they may spend a lifetime of tracing paths through life that do not really lead anywhere at the end. Air type people are very much attracted to ideas and communication, therefore a strong intellectual rapport is a prerequisite for a rewarding sexual rapport.

Without it, the whole notion of romance collapses. Thus, these people do well with representatives of their own element.